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Children’s Books with Movies: 3 Reasons to Watch the Movie

My house is screen-friendly, my kids play video games and have screen time, but I am always trying to make the screen time connect to learning.

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Fall in Love with Reading: My 7 Favorite Fall Books and Bonus Fall Literacy Activities

I love fall! I love the trees, the cooler temps, the pumpkin spice, and cozy warm feelings that come with this time of year and of course, reading my favorite fall books with my children. The passing of the seasons is one of my favorite things about living in Vermont.  One of the best ways […]

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Finding A “Just Right” Book

Have you ever wondered how to help your child pick a book? Maybe you’re worried that the books they are picking are too hard? Or too easy? I want to help you KNOW if they are reading a Just Right Book. I’m going to give you two tools you can use today to get started picking […]

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