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Why You Should Invest in Learning Games

I like to use them in my homeschool and with my students. If you’re not sure it’s worth investing in a game library for your home, I’m here to say it absolutely is.

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Top 3 Reasons You Need a Book Nook in Your Home

If you have a struggling reader at home it is not too late to turn things around. It’s going to be a journey, not a sprint though. My son started reading on track with all the other kindergarteners in his class. I still remember some of the first times he read to me. I was […]

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10 Steps to a More Confident Reader

You can help your child be a more confident reader. It is very common for unmotivated readers to be struggling readers. Imagine…If it is hard to read, you probably won’t be very motivated to do it more. One way we can improve motivation in readers is to first build up their confidence. They need to […]

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