Distance Learning During a Crisis

I keep hearing of more and more school closings. With everything going on with the current crisis there is a lot of talk about online learning. If your school hasn’t closed yet, there’s a chance they will in the coming weeks and it’s unclear for how long. I’ve been teaching online for almost two years now and have learned a few things about what makes digital learning successful.

I have put together my top five tips to prepare your child and your home for digital learning in case your child’s school does close.

1. Create a learning space for your child to do their online sessions. If it has to be at the dinner table, then keep their notebook, pencils, etc in their backpack nearby. That way you won’t be searching for them when it’s time to work. You could also set them up in their bedroom! It doesn’t have to be fancy. I have seen learning corners made in small closets or a nook of another room. Get creative if you’re short on space. 

2. Let your child use headphones when possible. Using headphones helps filter out any background noise in the home and usually keeps the child more focused on the instructor. I’ve worked with children as young as 3 online! They can learn how to use headsets with your support and guidance. 

3. Do a practice run! Test out the technology and make sure everything is in working order BEFORE your child is supposed to be in the session. This will give you time to troubleshoot any problems that might come up. Be patient with yourself, especially if this is new for you too!

4. Provide clear expectations for your child. Make sure they know that they are still expected to attend to the teacher, listen and participate. It’s best to minimize distractions, so keep the TV off and younger children in another space during class if you can. Teach your child how to mute and unmute themselves so they know how to do that if needed. This style of learning might be new for them, so give them positive feedback and encouragement when they do well.

5. When it’s time to learn, make sure your child has had a snack, has water nearby and used the washroom recently. This will minimize interruptions and the need to get up during the designated class time. Avoid having too many toys around or a lot of activity in the same room where the class is happening. 

That’s it, five simple tips that will make digital learning in this time of crisis a breeze for you and your kids! You’re now ready for digital learning from your own home! Just remember to stay positive and stay healthy and everything will be fine.

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