Ashley DiMercurio holding a short stack of books

How does online tutoring work?

I will begin by assessing each child to find out what areas they are struggling with.  I will then chat with the parent(s) and discuss what I am noticing, as well as what they are seeing at home and at school. I will then develop an individualized plan for your child that will focus on those areas and skills. We will then meet with your child weekly. 

 Every 3 months I will reassess the student to find out what gains have been made and what changes need to be made to the instruction to continue to improve their reading skills. 

I use Zoom to hold our sessions. It's an online video conferencing tool that allows me to teach students in the comfort of their home.

Sam and Ashley DiMercurio sitting on sofa with children

Why do you tutor online?

Tutoring online allows me and the students flexibility.  There's no driving to another location and it's a platform most students are actually very comfortable with. We live in a digital age. Students are comfortable with online tools and I believe teaching online is the future of education.


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