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3.27 Re-release: What is Word Study with Diane Talbot

A few weeks ago, I released episode 3.24: Make Word Study Fun! Today, I’d like for you to check out this re-released episode from season 2 featuring Diane Talbot all about word study. I hope you enjoy!

I am super excited to bring you, Diane Talbot, as a guest to the podcast. She is the owner of Spiral Skills Tutoring in Boulder, Colorado, and Metamorphic Word Study which provides Orton-Gillingham-aligned word study, training, and products. She’s a frequent speaker and has all kinds of amazing certifications in the field of education.

Today, she’s going to talk to us about word study! Specifically, what it is, what it means, and why it’s important to include in reading and literacy instruction.

Diane has offered a special Word Study freebie JUST for our podcast listeners. You can grab it right here!

If you’d like to reach out to Diane, you can contact her at diane@spiralskillstutoring.com

Follow along with her on Facebook – Spiral Skills TutoringMetamorphic Word, or join her Facebook Community for learners studying and sharing insights about the structure and meaning of the English language.

You can also find Diane on – Spiral Skills Tutoring and Metamorphic Word.

And, check out her websites for Spiral Skills Tutoring and Metamorphic Word.

Diane mentioned a helpful app she loves using with her family: EtymOnline!

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Music from this podcast was used with permission from Epidemic Sound.

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