3.29 Spanish with Sandy! with Sandy Jackson

In this episode, I’m joined by Spanish teacher, Sandy Jackson!

Sandy is a Spanish teacher turned tutor that helps families bring Spanish into their homes in easy and approachable ways.

She is a mother of two toddlers and has used her experience in the classroom and in her personal life to create Spanish with Sandy: her tutoring business. Sandy provides families of all proficiencies a starting point to build their Spanish and ways to implement and reinforce it at home. Sandy offers programs that not only help young language learners start their Spanish-speaking journeys wherever they are but also bring their adults along with them through guides and support within the programs.

If she’s not doing LIVE lessons, she’s adding to her Podcast: Spanish with Sandy, which offers useful phrases for the whole family.

Tune in as we talk about the connection between learning to read and learning a new language and how we, as parents, caregivers, and educators, can help our kiddos tackle these new skills.

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