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3.5 Having Meaningful Conversations About Books With Older Students with Laura Kebart

Do you ever feel like you can’t keep up with all of the reading your middle schooler is doing? As parents, we want to know what our kids are reading and have meaningful conversations with them about books. But, seriously, it can become difficult as they get older!

Well, have no fear – Laura Kebart is here!

In this episode, I’m joined by Laura Kebart. Laura serves super-busy middle school ELA teachers and parents who have active lives outside of teaching or homeschooling. She works with teachers and parents who cherish their personal family time and who refuse to sacrifice one more precious moment prepping for each day’s lessons!  

Laura pulls from her 20 years of teaching experience along with her curriculum design degree to create meaningful reading and writing lessons that engage kids while saving the teachers and homeschool parents 10+ hours a week of prep time!

Tune in to this episode as Laura shares all about how you can have conversations about novels with your kids, even when you haven’t read the book yet (or in a long time!) 

Books & Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

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