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Episode #10 – Learn How to Tell a Story – Interview with Sam DiMercurio

I have a really fun episode for you today! I actually have my husband, Sam, with me, and we’re going to talk about storytelling.

Sam has practiced improvisational storytelling since he was a teenager. First through playing Dungeons and Dragons and then later storytelling with our children. I’ve personally witnessed his ability to make up stories spontaneously that are both engaging and enriching to our children. I know some parents are intimidated by storytelling. So I’m really excited about this episode, and I hope we’ll be able to give you some tips to make it easier.

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Here’s the Highlights

(1:53) Meet my guest, Sam! Find out how he got started with story telling (HINT: it involves roll-playing games)

(2:30) The Story Teller System! What it is and how it works.

(4:18) Storytelling is not just for bedtime! Find out what other times Sam tells stories to our kiddos!

(6:13) Find out where Sam gets his ideas for the stories he tells!

(7:51) HOT TIP! Use your kids and pets names to keep your kids engaged!

(8:42) Using storytelling to teach moral lessons.

(10:00) Collaborative storytelling! Let your kids in on the fun.

(10:53) Using stories to teach character traits.

(12:34) Sam’s TOP TIP for parents who have never told an original story (but would like to).

(15:27) Bonus Tip! Practice the craft!

(16:55) TIP ALERT! Find a way to keep a record of your stories.

(18:25) Find out Sam’s all-time FAVORITE children’s book.

Reading Resources and more!

Book Recommendations – For the Kiddos

Harry Potter and  the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling

Additional Tools and Resources

FREE Storytelling Starter Guide – Learn how to tell a story!

Dungeons and Dragons – a fantasy role-playing game.

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