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Episode #11 – Writing Children’s Books to Change the World – Interview with Sarah Woodard

Today I have award-winning authoress, Sarah Woodard, with me. She was born in a small town in Massachusetts and growing up, she was always the different one, the one off doing her own thing. She felt compelled to do something big with her life from an early age.

Eventually, she discovered her purpose to create a world in which all beings are respected and honored. Sara encourages connection to self, soul spirit, and the environment through her words. Her writing gives a voice to those that don’t have one – nature, plants, animals, minorities, etc.

Here’s the Highlights

(2:34) Meet my friend Sarah! Find out how she became a writer and where she gets inspiration for her best ideas!

(3:40) Are poetry and children’s books similar? Yep!

(4:30) Sarah shares how writing gave her a voice.

(5:30) Sarah’s first book: ADRI’S BIG DREAM

(7:10) Find out how Sarah uses her voice and children’s books to tackle important issues.

(9:07) Are you giving the Universe a to-do list?

(12:33) “Is that a story?” What influences Sarah’s ideas for her books. 

(13:37) Automatic Writing: what is it and how does it happen?

(14:49) Sarah’s top tip for parents of a child who wants to be a writer!

(18:21) Publishing! The many ways to get a book out  into the world.

(19:45) Talking mentorship and building growth mindset in young writers!

(21:18) Sarah shares one of her books, Gabby’s Special Day, that is especially important right now.

(23:30) Find out Sarah’s all time favorite children’s book!

(25:37) Find out how you can support Sarah and her children’s books.

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