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Episode #15 – Breakfast Invitations are the Key to Stress-Free Mornings

On this episode of The Reading Project, I have with me Beth from Days with Grey. I have been following Beth on social media for quite some time and using her ideas with my own children. I absolutely love what she is doing.

She’s a mom of three boys and a former teacher with a master’s degree in teaching reading. She has been featured in Parents magazine, Good Housekeeping and People Magazine just to name a few! She has a passion for hands-on learning and wants to help inspire play in families every day.

Her breakfast invitations are simple games that inspire creativity and independent play and give moms and dads back their mornings. Since I’m a huge fan of learning through play, I’m really excited she’s going to share some ideas with us today!

My Top Takeaways

  1. Focus on using everyday materials like white paper, stickers, and toys as manipulatives in your breakfast invitations.
  2. If you want to put more literacy into your family culture, find a time to be consistent each day.
  3. Don’t be afraid to model that reading is important to you, too!
  4. Use alphabet toys right along with your everyday toys in your toy rotation!

Here’s the Highlights

(2:02) Meet my guest, Beth! Find out about her background as it relates to literacy and education.

(6:10) Days With Grey! How was it created?

(7:33) Find out how-to build confidence in little learners with 2 hours a day and no budget!

(9:05) Learning along the way… looking back at past activities.

(10:16) So…. what’s a Breakfast Invitation anyway?

(11:41) Ask yourself, “What can I do with a sheet of paper and markers?” Making simple activities with everyday tools.

(13:10) Do Breakfast Invitations work for both stay-at-home parents and working parents? YOU BETCHA (but it might look differently)!

(13:55) What’s the BEST age for a Breakfast Inivtations?

(16:03) Beth shares her FAVORITE simple Breakfast Invitations that support developing literacy skills.

(18:15) TIP ALERT! Parents and caregivers, model your thinking for your kids.

(21:24) 3 Simple Tips! Beth gives her advice to parents and caregivers who are interested in incorporating literacy activities into their family culture.

(23:36) Find out where you can get more info from Beth about her Breakfast Invitation activities.

(23:45) Sunday Night Set-up? What’s that?

(23:55) Do I need to follow the directions exactly or can I make it my own?

(25:28) Learn all about Beth’s products and offerings.

(26:26) Find out Beth’s all-time favorite children’s books!

(28:35) My top takeaways from this episode!

Book Suggestions

Dear Boy by Paris Rosenthal

The Mouse and the Motorcycle Series by Beverly Clearly

Dear Girl by Paris Rosenthal

Dear Teacher by Paris Rosenthal (A GREAT Teacher Appreciation gift!)

Additional Tools and Resources

Days With Grey Shop – Check out all of the fabulous resources for Breakfast Invitations, the alphabet, and BIG kids, too!

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