Episode #16 – Stop the Summer Slide

In today’s episode, I’m going to talk to you about the dreaded summer slide! As we’re all preparing to wrap up another school year and head into the summer, I’ll bet a lot of you are thinking, “Where’s my kid at right now?” or “What has this last year been like?”

We can’t deny the COVID pandemic has changed the landscape of your child’s education in the last year. Maybe, your kids have been in and out of school. Maybe they haven’t received the same services they were getting previous to this. It is different. And a lot of families are wondering what impact those differences are going to have on their children and their educations.

Have you found yourself asking, “Are my kids behind?” or “What can I do to help?” or “Where do we go from here?” Today, I’m going to share with you five things you can do this summer to help prevent any summer slide.

Here’s the Highlights

(1:50) So, what is the “Summer Slide” anyway?

(2:20) What can YOU do to prevent or even accelerate your child’s reading skills over the summer?

(2:30) Is your child reading at least 20 minutes a day?

(3:16) Rotating books and visiting the library… such a great resource!

(5:00) Are you modeling reading for your kids?

(5:48) Make it FUN! Incorporate games into your reading activities.

(6:45) Did someone say screen time?

(7:35) Get ALL the details on what’s included (did someone say FREE gifts and BONUSES??) in my FREE 5-Day Email ChallengeStop the Summer Slide! (I hope you’ll join us)

Additional Tools and Resources

WorldCat – Find a library near you.

Build a Word – a customized reading game that’s similar to Boggle (contact me if you’d like some Build a Word boards).

Stop the Summer Slide – a FREE 5-Day email challenge

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