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Episode #17 – 3 Reasons to Watch Movies this Summer

In this solo episode, I chat about one of my favorite subjects, children’s books, and movies! It’s another great tool for combating the dreaded summer slide.

My house is screen-friendly, my kids play video games and have screen time. But, it’s also important to me that we make the screen time connect to learning. In our homeschool day, they have “learning screen time” and “choice screen time.” “Learning screen time” is a great opportunity to pull in books and their companion movies.

Check out this episode for my top 3 reasons to read children’s books and watch the companion movies this summer!

(And stick around until the end to get a sneak peek inside my upcoming summer reading programs!)

Here’s the Highlights

(1:28) Review! So, what is the “Summer Slide” anyway?

(2:12) Let’s chat screen time for a second.

(2:43) Why you should be reading and watching children’s books!

(2:51) Did someone say summer movie night?!?

(3:10) How to use children’s books and companion movies to practice comparison and analysis.

(4:26) Visualization practice. What it is and how it helps your child’s comprehension.

(5:26) Ideas for using the companion movie to facilitate creative thinking.

(5:53) Should you read the book first or watch the movie first?

(7:25) Hot Tip Alert! Make the conversation casual. It doesn’t have to feel like school!

(8:17) Get ALL the details on my exciting upcoming summer reading programs!

Additional Tools and Resources

Check out my upcoming summer reading programs, right here!

Session 1/Group 1: June 14th – July 9th -Reading Upside Down Magic

Session 1/Group 2: June 14th – July 9th – Reading Harriet the Spy

Session 2/Group 1: July 19th – August 13th Reading The Spiderwick Chronicles

Session 2/Group 2: July 9th – August 13th Reading Wonder

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