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Episode #21 – How and Why it’s Important to Develop an Independent Reading Habit

Today, we’re going to talk about independent reading and how and WHY you should work with your child to develop this habit.

You may be wondering what I even mean when I say independent reading. Independent reading is when your child is reading on their own with no assistance from you. Oftentimes, students who independently read are stronger students overall. There is a connection between independent reading and reading excellence. 

Not every child is going to begin to independently read by choice on their own. It is a skill and habit that we need to help them develop. I can say from personal experience that the more your child develops a habit of independent reading the more they are going to read. The more a child reads and practices their reading skills the better they are going to become at reading. And, the more a child reads the more exposure they have to the way words are spelled, the way language works and is used, and it gives them the opportunity to learn new vocabulary. This is why it is so important for us to help our children develop an independent reading habit.

So, today I am going to give you a couple of tips that you can do at home to help your child develop an independent reading habit.

Here’s the Highlights

(1:41) So, what exactly is Independent Reading?

(2:08) The independent reading and reading excellence connection.

(2:28) Is it a skill or a habit or both?

(3:31) Choosing a Just Right Book for independent reading.

(4:10) Offer choice in what they read and where they read.

(5:15) Fiction, non-fiction, magazines, poetry – you never know what your kids will get excited about!

(5:38) Don’t worry if this process takes some time! (maybe even a year or more)

(7:21) Set aside 15-20 minutes a day for independent reading.

(8:13) Lead by example! Model independent reading for your kids.

(9:38) Encourage book discussions. Questioning is an important reading skill

(10:28) Skeptical? Don’t start with 20 minutes. Start with 5.

(10:56) Rewards! This is a great opportunity to track and reward new habits.

(12:15) Don’t make it feel like school. Make it fun!

Additional Tools and Resources

Book Nook Freebie – Make reading fun again! This guide will help you create a book nook your kids will love at little to no cost.

Reading Reward SystemGet excited about reading! If you have a struggling reader at home they may need a little extra incentive to read each day. You’ll get a goal sheet and quick and easy tips to get started reading TODAY.

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