Episode #22 – Motivating a Reluctant Writer

This episode is going to be a little different because I’m going to be talking about writing instead of reading. I have done many episodes on all different kinds of literacy but I haven’t talked a lot about the writing side of things. In the coming months, I will be talking more about writing, spelling, and developing stronger habits in those areas.

It’s not always the case that if you have a reluctant reader you will also have a reluctant writer, but it does happen quite a bit. Today, I’m going to give you some strategies and some options for things you can try with your kiddo if they are very reluctant to write.

Here’s the Highlights

(2:15) Reluctant readers and reluctant writers…. will they be one in the same?

(2:43) It’s all about choice and control!

(3:14) But not too many options! That can be overwhelming!

(3:20) Keep things low pressure! There are a lot of moving parts your kiddo has to stay on top of – it just takes some time.

(3:30) Try not to overcorrect! Instead be enthusiastic and encouraging.

(4:11) Try asking: How many words can you write today? or ask Do you think you can write 4 words or 5 words today?

(5:12) Step-by-step: start simple with talking about ideas or drawing. You be their scribe!

(6:03) It’s OKAY to allow or even encourage typing at times! Handwriting can be a real struggle.

(7:26) Mentor Texts! How and why to use them with your reluctant writer.

(8:17) Make. It. Fun.

(9:57) Meeting your kids and students where they’re at.

(10:41) Okay so you’ve made the activity fun… but what about using fun tools, too? Think gel pens, glitter pens, chalk, black sticky notes, etc.

(12:35) Give them grace, choice, flexibility, and support.

(12:50) Games! So many game options to build writing stamina.

(13:54) Be their safe space.

Additional Tools and Resources

Draw – Write – Now: The eight-book Draw Write Now series has step-by-step drawing instruction and short sentences for writing practice. 

Rory’s Story Cubes: Once upon a time, there was a game where your imagination had no limits. Epic, fabulous, or paranormal adventures… roll the cubes, make a story!

Done for You! Reading and Writing Games: Packed with games and activities to support learning at home!

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