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Episode #23 – Thoughts on Being a Mom and a Teacher

In this episode, I’m excited to tell you a little bit more about homeschooling! Particularly about what learning at home over this last year has been like for my family and for me as both teacher and mom. Guys, I’m going to bare it all to you. These are my personal thoughts on what it’s been like for me, but I bet many of you can relate as you also took on these new roles this year. And, I’m also going to share the insights I’ve gained this year from working with some really fantastic families.

Tune in for some real, honest, and raw thoughts on what it’s like to be both mom and teacher. I’m hoping you can relate or learn something new!

Here’s the Highlights

(2:16) You might already know this….

(2:50) Making really hard decisions about our kid’s education.

(3:20) Being both Mom and Teacher.

(3:45) I share my challenges becoming a homeschool mom.

(4:43) Handing the expectation vs. the reality.

(5:05) Take a glimpse at what’s been working for one mom of a struggling reader.

(6:04) Controversial Opinion: It’s okay to just tell your kid the word! Find out why.

(6:58) Make it about the joy and the pleasure of reading!

(7:21) It’s okay to just be mom this summer. Make it fun again!

(7:40) How can you make reading fun at home?

(7:55) Introducing the Ultimate Homeschooling Bundle! Get a sneak peek at some of the fabulous resources that are included (available Wednesday, July 14th).

Additional Tools and Resources

The Ultimate Homeschooling Bundle – a homeschool resource bundle with  2 eBooks, 17 online courses, 29 workbooks and printables, as well as membership sites and bonuses. It has products for students in pre-k, kindergarten, elementary, middle school, high school, as well as parenting resources.

The Ultimate Homeschooling Bundle Webinar – an awesome early-bird event for those who grab the Ultimate Homeschooling Bundle.

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