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Episode #8 – Early Literacy Matters – Interview with Alexa Imwalle

This week I am talking to Alexa Imwalle from Smart Start Tutors and we are chat all about Early Childhood literacy. If you’ve followed me for a while now, you might remember Alexa from several live streams we did together. I love working with Alexa! She is an amazing friend, a former teacher turned online tutor, and mom to twin 3-year-olds!

In this episode, she shares how she develops a culture of literacy in her home and how she incorporates early literacy skills into her days with her girls. You’re going to want to share these tips with any friend with a pre-schooler!

Here’s the Highlights

(1:22) Meet my guest, Alexa! Find out how and why she transitioned from classroom teacher to serving students in reading and writing while remaining available to her own children.

(2:28) Alexa shares her secrets to developing a culture of literacy in her own home!

(3:30) THE PRE-READER PHASE! Hear about what skills develop and how you can support your children in this stage.

(5:15) EARLY LITERACY SKILLS! Letter recognition, phonological awareness, and more!

(6:10) EMERGENT WRITING! Alexa’s top tips for getting your child comfortable and ready to write.

(8:30) The ABCs and books to help teach them!

(9:37) THE WRITING PROCESS! Where to begin with your littles.

(10:50) PRETEND PLAY! Ways to make writing fun!

(12:53) Alexa’s top tips for parents to work early literacy and pre-reading skills into their day-to-day life.


(15:35) Why you should expose your kids to different kinds of books and new books or new stories!

(17:32) Alexa spills her 3-year-old twins’ FAVORITE book.

(18:30) Find out Alexa’s all-time FAVORITE children’s book.

Reading Resources and more!

Book Recommendations – For the Kiddos

The Mitten by Jan Brett

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Bill Martin, Jr.  and John Archambault

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