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Episode #9 – Finding the Confidence to Homeschool – Interview with Julie McNulty

I’m really excited to have Julie McNulty on The Reading Project podcast this week! She is a mom and entrepreneur. She’s got two boys and she’s newly homeschooling this year. She made the decision, like a lot of families, to homeschool her children due to the COVID pandemic.

In this episode, Julie shares about her journey as a homeschooling mom and what that’s been like for her to take ownership as her children’s teacher and educator!

Here’s the Highlights

(1:53) Meet my guest, Julie! Find out how she found herself as a homeschooling mom this year.

(3:00) Julie and Ashley discuss the flexibility within homeschooling vs. remote learning.

(3:55) EXTERNAL PRESSURES! Julie shares her fears around homeschooling and what held her back from doing it sooner.

(5:53) HOMESCHOOL LOVE! Julie shares what she’s loving about homeschooling.

(7:36) SUPRISE! Your kids are struggling readers. Find out how Julie realized that her kids weren’t reading at the level she thought.

(9:52) Taking it back to the basics. Julie talks about pulling back and starting over from square one with reading.

(14:02) PROGRESS REPORT. Julie assesses the progress they’ve been making together with reading throughout this school year.

(14:30) Multiple Intelligences, Learning Styles, and even the Enneagram! How these tools can help you crack the code that is your child.

(16:43) ADVICE ALERT! Julie’s tips and advice for families who are considering or struggling with homeschooling.

(20:05) ALLL THINGS homeschooling schedules and learning spaces.

(24:22) Julie shares what she’d tell her pre-homeschooling self, knowing what she knows now.

(25:32) Find out Julie’s all-time FAVORITE children’s book.

Reading Resources and more!

Book Recommendations – For the Kiddos

Nibbles the Book Monster by Emma Yarlett

Additional Reading & Homeschooling Tools

Outschool – Live online classes and clubs you can take from anywhere.

BookFlix – A truly unique fiction and nonfiction eBook library for PreK-3 Kids by Scholastic.

Epic! Books – Fuel reading curiosity and reading confidence with the leading digital library for kids.

Jot it Down by Brave Writer – Grab the free sample unit study on fairytales.

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