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Welcome to The Reading Project podcast where I help you build stronger readers one episode at a time.

I am Ashley – Your Reading Tutor – and my experience as an online tutor, classroom teacher, and the mother of a reluctant reader, has allowed me to bring a fun and effective approach to building stronger and more confident readers. I created The Reading Project podcast after working with dozens of families in my business that needed support in helping their readers at home. I want parents to know that you don’t have to be a teacher to help your struggling reader! I’m here to help!

Get excited because I release a new episode every Friday morning (unless we’re on a break between seasons.) Some weeks I interview a literacy professional. Sometimes, I share my individual knowledge and skills directly with you.

Some of my most popular episodes have covered topics like Dyslexia, Motivating Reluctant Readers, Picking Just Right Books, Supporting Gifted Learners, and Executive Function Skills.

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