July 19-22, 2023

Get your business more qualified leads without running convoluted, hard-to-manage ads!

What is the Teachers Make Money Online Summit?

The Teachers Make Money Online Summit was created to help Edupreneurs grow and scale their online business and their income.  

I've invited 20+ of the best Edupreneur experts to help classroom teachers and educators learn how to monetize their existing skills online in order to earn them more money and job flexibility. This might be with a tutoring business, eBook, VA work, online course, printable, or podcast!

Each day of the summit, we will feature a lineup of incredible online entrepreneurs who will teach you how to craft, launch and promote your business so you can get in front of more people and bring on more clients and generate more income.

Teachers Make Money Online attendees are your ideal customers!

Summit Attendees:

  • Are between the ages of 35-55
  • Have been in the Edupreneur Business for 3-5 years
  • Identify as female
  • From the United States
  • Are willing to invest in products by recommendation


Over 25 Speakers and 1,200+ attendees

benefits of sponsoring the teachers make money online summit:

Our Audience is Ready to Invest

The attendees of this summit are not in the exploratory phase. They have started a business and now they are busy entrepreneurs!

More Customers, Fast

The Teachers Make Money Online summit will attract warm leads for you and your business. Instead of paying for ads to a cold audience and nurturing them, let us do the work for you.  

Our Audience Needs YOUR Help

The attendees of the summit are busy entrepreneurs and they are looking for tools to help them! They NEED you and your services to help them get the job done. Swoop in and share your goodness with our summit attendees!

sponsorship options




1 Lead Sponsor Only

  • Sponsor name part of official event name (presented by)
  • Logo displayed on all video recordings
  • Most prominent name and logo placement on all materials
  • Opportunity for 1 hour video interview focused on company/products/demo
  • Logo & shoutout at beginning of each recorded session
  • Opportunity to send an exclusive email about product during summit to attendees
  • 1 instagram feed feature, 2 instagram story features
  • Logo displayed on all marketing materials and featured in email
  • "Real Estate" on summit live presentation pages for 2 days




Multiple Spots

  • Your logo will be at the bottom of our website (footer). That logo can link to whatever page you'd like.
  • You'd be featured in 3 summit emails - 1-2 liner (on day 1/2, day 3/4, registration sequence) (you can control what the copy says - I'd recommend something like "Did you know as a summit attendee you get free access to [fill in blank here] Get your free access here."
  • Every email will contain a link to your site (not logo, but an actual link) - it would be something like "Special thanks to our partner(s): your name here - get 1 month free here" - there's a little bit of flexibility there in terms of what you want me to write in the hyperlink. This can hyperlink to any page you'd like of course. 
  • 1 instagram feed feature, 2 instagram story features


Your logo will be at the bottom of our website (footer). That logo can link to whatever page you'd like.

You'll be added in the Goodie Bag as a second tier contributor (after the presenting, premier, and promotional level contributions - all of which are tier 1).

Your goodie bag contribution will be featured via imagery at the end of each summit video in the "goodie bag promo".


Goodie-Bag partners get featured in our summit "goodie bag" tier 3. A virtual "bag" of freebies for all summit registrants. Think of this as something like a bag of freebies you get when you sign up for a convention or special event. This goodie bag is shared via every single summit email, on a dedicated page on the summit website, and in a dedicated email to each summit attendee.

This is a really simple way to get your freebie out there in front of your target audience. A great bang for your buck option.


Don't see a package that fits your goals or budget? Get in touch below and perhaps we can find something better suited to your needs!


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