Join Us As a Speaker for the Teachers Make Money Online Summit

Happening February 17-20, 2022

[Presentations Due By December 9, 2021]

A virtual summit for classroom teachers who want to teach online and make money doing it.

I invited 30+ of the best Edupreneur experts to help classroom teachers and educators learn how to monetize their existing skills as an educator in order to (tutoring business, eBook, online course, printable, anything digital) earn them more money and job flexibility. 

Each day of the summit, we will feature a lineup of incredible online entrepreneurs who will teach classroom teaches and educators how to craft, launch and promote their business so they can get in front of their ideal target customers and make more sales. This is one of those "can't miss" online events of the year. 

Here's where you come in. You received an invite to speak at this summit because your expertise will help our attendees take their ideas and businesses to the next level. Thank you so much for being here to support, educate and inspire. 

Why You'll Love Participating!

Grow your expertise

Spending 20-30 minutes talking at a very popular summit will help you establish yourself as an expert in your niche. 

Build Brand Awareness

Speaking at a summit like this, to an audience of this size, will help you build brand awareness faster than you normally would in a 6 month - 12 month period of time. Think about it - you're on a virtual stage in front of a huge virtual audience. That's priceless!

Make Money

Yes, it IS possible to make a significant chunk of change from participating in this summit. By promoting the All-Access Pass, and setting up your own marketing funnel, you can take home a great paycheck just by speaking for 20-30 minutes! How cool is that?

Grow your Email List

Even though we don't share the attendee list with speakers, you have the opportunity to promote a lead magnet at the end of your presentation. You have the opportunity to get hundreds of new leads from this approach, and then make a great amount of money from their new, highly targeted subscribers who purchase things and services within their funnels.

Network with other speakers

Our speaker lineup is going to be stacked with incredible people who are reading and willing to network! You’ll have the opportunity to make new friends, land podcast opportunities, and be asked to speak at other events as a result of your participation.

Meet our hosts

Ashley DiMercurio

Your Reading Tutor

about the host

Hey there! I’m Ashley and Your Reading Tutor. I am a certified Reading Interventionist, teacher, wife, and mom to two beautiful children living in South Carolina. 

I am a passionate educator and am always looking for creative ways to make learning fun. While I loved being a classroom teacher, I decided I wanted more time with my young children. As they got older, I realized I missed teaching and have fallen in love with tutoring online. It gives me the best of both worlds! I can make authentic connections with students and help them grow as learners, and also be the mom I want to be for my children. 

I began teaching online in the summer of 2017 and haven't looked back. I enjoy working 1-1 with my students. It allows me to personalize learning and watch them grow in their skills and confidence. 

In the last two years, my business has grown beyond my wildest dreams. I earn more than I ever did as a traditional classroom teacher, I work fewer hours and have more time freedom. In January I launched a podcast called The Reading Project. I was a featured presenter in the Tutor Success Academy Summit and had my digital course featured in The Ultimate Homeschooling Bundle for 2021. 

In September of 2021, I launched the coaching side of my business and have begun to mentor and guide other educators in creating an online business to support their dreams and goals in life.

Presentation Guidelines

Presentations should be between 20-30 minutes max (we value quality over quantity - short presentations are a-ok with us as long as it's value-filled - long presentations with fluff will be asked to be resubmitted) 

Presentations should be pre-recorded using a reliable recording application with quality audio and visual. 

Presentations are encouraged to be slide deck style or presentation style - viewers can get bored just watching you talk - so some visual aspect, whatever that may be (most typically slide decks) are encouraged 

Please do not spend more than a minute or two introducing yourself - your expertise will speak for itself through your teaching. We want the majority of the presentation to be education-focused. 

Your content should be action-oriented. Attendees should leave your session with a clear understanding of the steps they should take to reach the desired action. This is where your expert teaching comes into play! 

Please make your presentation VALUE FOCUSED and shy away from the webinar approach to presentations (which tends to leave viewers understanding they need to change something, but lacking the resources to make that change). 

You may share a free offer (freebie/lead magnet) at the end of your presentation - please spend no more than 2-3 minutes talking about this offer. The mention of paid offers will be cut from presentations. 

Template timeline (1-2 minutes introducing yourself, 20 minutes teaching actionable steps to achieve the desired result, 1-2 minutes talking about your free offer). 

Please leave space for a Your Reading Tutor watermark to appear in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

Presentation Do's & Don'ts

DON'T - Promote A Paid Product At The End Of Your Presentation

Imagine how you'd feel if every summit presentation you tuned into includes a pitch for a paid product at the end of it. Yuck, right? We really want our attendees to enjoy all the free value that our summit provides. So this means we'd like you to avoid pitching any paid product. Instead, promote something valuable that is available for free. The good news is this will make for a better experience for our attendees, while also increasing the chance that people sign up to your email list (and buy your tripwires if you set that up!)

DON'T - Spend A Long Time Introducing Yourself And Setting Up The Presentation

Please don't spend more than 1-2 minutes introducing yourself and setting up the presentation. Long introductions (I've seen some that last 15 minutes or longer) always bother viewers and leave them feeling like they've wasted time and haven't learned much. Instead, skip right to the good stuff - your amazing content! Don't worry, your viewers will love learning from you so much that they'll be dying to learn more about you and your story after the fact (which will increase the chance that they sign up for your free lead magnet).

DON'T - Make Your Presentation Webinar Style

Webinar-style presentations are created to identify gaps in knowledge and set up the viewer to make a decision to purchase something - they include long-winded introductions and only a few minutes of content. They don't really teach much of anything at all. Instead, make your presentation workshop style. 99% of your presentation should be teaching something actionable.

Why You'll Benefit From Contributing a Paid Product to Our All-Access Pass

When you contribute a paid product to our All-Access Pass, you drastically increase the value. Imagine you contribute a $67 product. The All Access Pass ticket with speaker bonuses (the product power pack) is sold for $97. Your product by itself has now nearly justified the value of the ticket - and that's not including all of the other insane benefits of purchasing! 

Adding in your paid product will make it insanely easy for you to promote the Summit and the All Access Pass. Your audience will see your product and they'll just know that it's a worthwhile investment. Contributing your product also gets you extra exposure! Your contribution will be featured to all of our attendees. This is great visibility for you! 

Plus, the commission that you'll make on selling these All Access Passes will more than make up for your contribution.

Speaker To-Do List

Fill out the speaker questionnaire - ASAP

You were sent a questionnaire when you agreed to be a speaker. This will take you just a few minutes to fill out. Please do this as soon as possible. You can find the questionnaire here.

Record Your Presentation & Introduction

Remember, there are a few different ways that you can record your presentation. Choose the one that feels best for you and go for it! You must also schedule to record an intro with me.

Submit Your Final Presentation - Due December 9th, 2021

I strongly encourage you to get this done as soon as possible! Save a 'just in case' copy of your presentation on your computer.

Plan Your Promo & Enroll In Affiliate Program

When you join the affiliate program, you'll gain access to all kinds of resources that you can use to promote the event. The promo period is January 27th - February 16th. Click here to access your Promotional Resources.

Plan to Be Available During Your Presentation Time Slot

In late January, I will send you your presentation time slot. Please mark your calendar so you can plan to be available in the chat.