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Episode #22 – Motivating a Reluctant Writer

This episode is going to be a little different because I’m going to be talking about writing instead of reading. I have done many episodes on all different kinds of literacy but I haven’t talked a lot about the writing side of things. In the coming months, I will be talking more about writing, spelling, […]

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Episode #11 – Writing Children’s Books to Change the World – Interview with Sarah Woodard

Today I have award-winning authoress, Sarah Woodard, with me. She was born in a small town in Massachusetts and growing up, she was always the different one, the one off doing her own thing. She felt compelled to do something big with her life from an early age. Eventually, she discovered her purpose to create […]

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Episode #9 – Finding the Confidence to Homeschool – Interview with Julie McNulty

I’m really excited to have Julie McNulty on The Reading Project podcast this week! She is a mom and entrepreneur. She’s got two boys and she’s newly homeschooling this year. She made the decision, like a lot of families, to homeschool her children due to the COVID pandemic. In this episode, Julie shares about her […]

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