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Together we can develop a culture of literacy and love of stories!

Spring is one of my favorite times of the year. I love watching the grass get greener, the trees grow their new leaves and the flowers bloom. The promise of a new day and growth in all areas. In this episode, I’m sharing ways you can help your children and students “spring into reading”! Tune

3.28 Spring Into Reading

A few weeks ago, I released episode 3.24: Make Word Study Fun! Today, I’d like for you to check out this re-released episode from season 2 featuring Diane Talbot all about word study. I hope you enjoy! I am super excited to bring you, Diane Talbot, as a guest to the podcast. She is the

3.27 Re-release: What is Word Study with Diane Talbot

In this episode, we’re going to talk about what I want families to know about reading. Tune in for five things I think it is so important for families to know  Resources Mentioned in This Episode: If you’d like to support this podcast in a small way, you can do so here. Please know that any

3.26 5 Things Families Need to Know About Learning to Read

In this episode, I’m joined by children’s book author, Judd Shaw! Judd B. Shaw likes to bring out his inner knight in shining armor. He does that through his work as a New Jersey attorney representing injury victims, as a parent, and by creative writing. Judd shares his passion for helping others with his imaginary

3.25 Using Picture Books to Teach Social-Emotional Skills with Judd Shaw

Are your children doing Word Study at school? A listener recently told me that her kids are doing Word Study at school and they don’t have anything nice to say about it… In this episode, I’m talking all about Word Study. What it is, why it’s important, and how you can make it more fun

3.24 Make Word Study Fun!

Here at the Reading Project Podcast, we love storytelling!  In this episode, I’m joined by Merideth Kelly, the founder and creator of Storitopia. Storitopia is a new podcast player just for kids! It was created to give both kids and caregivers a tool to discover awesome content. Storitopia’s goal is to create a community where stories

3.23 Storitopia & the 3 Types of Podcast for Kids! with Merideth Kelly